MCA Unlikely Story Cover

by Alea Cross, MCA paraprofessional

Being an educator, I am always amazed at the compassion and discernment of students. This week, on a cold day on Capitol Drive, I observed a crowd of students hovering over a slowly moving figure attempting to cross a busy intersection in the midst of rush hour traffic. Anticipating a potential accident, a MCA student swiftly grabbed the elderly man from being hit by an oncoming car.

Rushing over, I observed scholars Preston and Raheem asking the elderly man if he needed help crossing the street. Without thought, the two scholars grab the arms of the elderly man on each side, to steady his walk, and began to wave traffic to help him cross the street.

Though it took several minutes to safely walk the elderly man across the street, my heart warmed to see that a man over 70 years old had confided and trusted in scholars 50 years his junior. As I shared a few words with both students, we walked away with a seed planted that social change happens with discerning the small things to change our part of the world.