mca-student-announcementsAttention Seniors: Credit Recovery begins this Saturday at 9 a.m. sharp and runs until noon. Don’t miss this opportunity to catch up on what you need to graduate!

Here’s an important reminder from Ms. Parker: There is no school on Monday. To repeat. No school on Monday!

Attention Juniors: The countdown has officially begun and it is just 23 days until Official ACT Test! It is time for MCA to kick ACT!

This Saturday, February 4 is a date that all students in Project Pioneer should mark on their calendar because February 4 is the day the new session starts. So, if you are in Project Pioneer the new session starts on Saturday, February 4.

Tomorrow’s lunch is a Sloppy Joe on a whole grain bun, carrot coins, apple sauce and your choice of milk. Yum! This message is brought to you the MCA student council.

This just in: Valentine’s Day is right around the corner! Help support prom committee by getting something for that special someone at school. Bags of candy and crush cans will be sold starting TO-MOR-ROW!

ATTENTION SCHOLARS: There is a change in the schedule for this week’s Credit Recovery. Credit Recovery scheduled for Monday and Tuesday of this week has been rescheduled for today and Thursday. Today’s credit recovery will be from 1:30 to 4:30 p.m. and Thursday’s will be 4 to 6 p.m. This change is for this week only.

Here’s an important public service message from Mr. Carek …. brushing your teeth, sleeping and eating. Those are three things most MCA scholars do every single day. Here’s one more … Every Assignment, Every Day. Keeping on top of your homework and turning it in has a major, positive impact on your grades. MCA … every assignment, every day!

Do you love fun and happiness? If so, you are invited to join MCA’s after school Board Game Club Friday after school. Board Game Club … feel the drama and join the adventure!