Milwaukee Collegiate Academy senior Taviah Holmes has been named MCA Youth of the Year by the Boys and Girls Club of Greater Milwaukee.

Holmes will be competing with seven other Milwaukee area schools on January 10 for an opportunity to compete in the national competition. Candidates have to submit an essay and deliver a presentation about why they should be selected.

“We are excited to have Taviah Holmes represent Milwaukee Collegiate Academy’s Boys & Girls Club  for Youth of the Year 2018. She is a great example of true resilience. Taviah is sharing her life story while shining her light on the world,” says MCA Boys and Girls Club Manager Shana Kidd.

The winner will be eligible for a scholarship to help pay for college. Holmes has already been accepted into three colleges.

“I am doing something I want to do and it is my story. I want to share how I overcame my problems. And, I really appreciate the chance to get help with my college expenses,” says Holmes.

Holmes, who plans on studying business in college says that what motivates her is the the thought of making it and “getting out of the hurt”.