Place both hands on your chest and take a deep inhale. Feel your chest rise and thank yourself for all the work you have already put in this week. Let that breath go.

Jobs often come with lots of highs and lows, and often we feel like we need to push those lows to the back of our minds to keep moving forward. It’s important, though, to also allow ourselves to acknowledge those feelings before we try to move on from them. The next time you feel yourself denying yourself the time to feel your “lows”, try this:

  1. Close your eyes, and focus in on that negative thought. Allow yourself to think about what it is that is upsetting you.
  2. Notice where in your body you are feeling this. Is it in your chest? Shoulders? Temples?
  3. Next observe the emotional feelings that are arising with that physical feeling.
  4. Begin to just observe that feeling, without attempt to make it go away. Just notice what you are feeling.
  5. Take a 5 count breath in through your nose, and exhale audibly through your mouth. As you inhale, send the breath to the part of the body that is holding the tension from this thought. As you exhale, begin allowing that tension to be released, observing it leave your body.

Have a great rest of your Wednesday, and don’t let this be your last mindful moment of the week.

Brought to you by Christiane Buethe, Special Education Teacher and Restorative Justice Circles Instructor.