Pictured Above: MCA scholars engage in Robotics Club, Cheerleading and Art Club.


Hello MCA Scholars and Families,

I love high school! I always have, even when I was high school student. When I think back to the best memories of my high school years, what I remember most is not what happened in class, but what happened after school when I sang in the choir or attended Student Council meetings. My best memories are of the times when I got involved.

Now is the time for our scholars to start getting involved in extracurricular activities. People who do well in college are those who balance academics and social life. Participation in extracurricular activities is a great addition to a scholar’s college application; opens doors for scholarships and the life lessons learned are priceless. Activities give scholars a chance to expand their interest and build their commitment. These are two qualities we want our scholars to exhibit for life. I am encouraging every MCA scholar to participate in at least one extracurricular activity every year.

Here are a just a few of the many options available to MCA Scholars:

  • Cheerleading: See Ms. Sambo
  • Dance Team: See Ms. Gray
  • Basketball (Girls and Boys): See Mr. Ford
  • Football: See Mr. Ford
  • Robotics: See Mr. Carek
  • Art Club: See Ms. Gordon
  • Chess Club: See Mr. Hayslett

MCA scholars can access even more activities through our partner organizations. Scholars can see Mr. Hunter and Mrs. Mewes for more information about each of the groups listed below. Through these programs, students can participate in sports, arts, life skills, technology activities and college prep/transition activities.

  • Boys’ and Girls’ Club CLC
  • College Possible
  • PEARLS for Teen Girls
  • Unity In Motion
  • Lead to Succeed
  • Project Pioneer

I encourage you to review these opportunities together as a family and choose the one(s) that best fit your family and individual needs. The questions to ask are:

  1. Is this something that I am interested in or would like to learn more about?
  2. Is this something I can and will commit to through the end?
  3. Am I willing to give my best effort to the team or the group I become a part of?

Let’s encourage our scholars to get involved, have fun and build character. They only get to experience high school one time. Help them to make it the time of their lives! Remember, grades matter. So, keep those grades up and let’s get busy!

As always, you can find more information about our school on our website. I also encourage you to follow us on Twitter and “Like” MCA on Facebook. Please feel free to reach out with any questions, concerns, thoughts and ideas. I can be reached at (414) 873-4014 or by email at r.evans@howardfullerca.org.

Dates to Remember

  • September 18: Senior Parent Night
  • September 23: Parent Council Meeting
  • October 7 and 8: Aspire Testing for 9th grade students
  • October 13 to 17: Spirit Week
  • October 17: Homecoming Dance
  • October 23: Parent/Teacher Conferences