Student Expectations

Milwaukee Collegiate Academy is a place where you can discover who you are and what you are capable of doing.  It is a place to learn and grow. A place where you can dream and see those dreams become reality as you go to and through college.  Is it the place for you?

 Milwaukee Collegiate Academy Students:

  •  Graduate prepared to succeed in college and in life
  • Grow through extended-day learning including after school clubs, academic programs, and sports teams
  • Benefit from intensive college preparation including counseling and college tours
  • Study under the guidance of creative, intelligent, and caring teachers
  • Learn in a safe and secure environment
  • Thrive in a school community that partners with parents, including regularly scheduled parent/student/teacher conferences and parent-focused school events

What We Ask of Our Students:

  • Be accountable: Attend class every day on time and be productive, engaged and in the proper uniform. Know that staff will not accept excuses when students fall short of outlined expectations.
  • Be responsible: Create a system for keeping track of your school assignments and stay up-to-speed with class work and homework.
  • Be aware: Know that your attitude and your willingness to learn will affect your ability to succeed. Come to school prepared to learn every day.