NOTICE: Scholars who do no yet have their HFCA black polo should arrive on the first day of school on Tuesday, September 3 wearing an all black t-shirt, black or khaki pants, black belt and black shoes.

The Dr. Howard Fuller Collegiate Academy’s official school policy is found in the Family Handbook. For your convenience, below please find those excerpts from the handbook. Our uniform policy ensures that:

  • Families are not burdened with purchasing a full school wardrobe;
  • There are no instances of bullying related to name-brand clothing; and
  • Students practice habits of professionalism.

After feedback from families, staff, students and parents, we have adjusted our black shoe policy to permit the wearing of all-black shoes that may have colors in logos, brands, or soles. Please review the examples below:


It is mandatory that students wear the HFCA uniform daily. HFCA Faculty and Staff will strictly enforce the dress code, as it is the expectation that all students will begin the academic day with the correct uniform.


Dr. Howard Fuller Collegiate Academy purchased black polo shirt, or other Academy approved uniform shirts.

  • Uniform shirts must be tucked in students’ pants/skirts/shorts for the duration of the school day and during lunch.
  • All uniform shirts should be purchased at the appropriate, professional size for the student.
  • Students can choose to wear solid black or white undershirts (short sleeve), without writing or colored lining.
  • Long sleeve undershirts may not be worn underneath short-sleeve polos.
  • Honors shirts can only be worn for the current school year.


Black, Tan or Beige Khaki pants or shorts. Young ladies may wear skirts.

  • Shorts must be knee-length for young men.
  • Skirts and shorts must extend below the fingertips when arms are extended down for young ladies.
  • Girls may not wear knee socks or thigh-high hosiery with their shorts or skirts.
  • All pants, shorts, and skirts must fit appropriately:
  • “Sagging” is not permitted and will result in demerits.
  • No tight, stretch materials or “jeggings” are permitted.
  • Denim, sweat pants, or other loose-fitting materials are not allowed.


  • Black belt, without any other colors or embossed messages on the leather, must be worn at all times with pants and shorts that include belt loops.
  • Belts are required to be worn regardless of whether a student is wearing a school-issued fleece, which may cover the waistline.


  • All black shoes, tennis shoes, and/or boots;
  • Sandals, open-toed, or house shoes are not permitted.
  • All-black shoes may have colors in logos, brands, or soles


  • Piercings on the face or tongue are allowed. Earrings are acceptable too.
  • Grills, partial grills, and/or other teeth ornaments are not allowed.
  • Jewelry that others may find culturally offensive is not allowed.
  • Hair will be neat and combed upon entering the building.
  • Caps, hats, bandanas, bonnets, grooming scarves and other head coverings are not permitted other than for cultural/religious purposes.

College Fridays

Students may wear a t-shirt, sweatshirt, or polo representing a post-secondary institution along with black/beige pants and school-appropriate shoes.  If a student has earned 90% attendance for the week with no tardies to school or to class.

Jean Day

ONLY denim is allowed on jean days unless otherwise notified; No sweat pants, camouflage pants, stretch pants, or pants other than denim will be allowed. Crop tops (tops revealing belly/stomach) are never allowed.

Family Handbook

This handbook serves as a tool for establishing expectations, rights and responsibilities of the students and families of Dr. Howard Fuller Collegiate Academy. We believe that the outlined expectations will provide a safe and orderly environment that creates appropriate conditions for learning for our scholars and helps us to fulfill our mission.